Tuesday, October 7, 2014

NEWS: OSINT-X RSS Out Feed now Public - UPDATED 7:48PM EST

We have setup an outgoing RSS feed of our OSINT-X system. You can subscribe to the RSS feed by setting your reader to the following address:

UPDATED FEED (Delayed): See the sidebar for the current link (Delayed 30-60 Minutes)

Please understand that this is currently being set as a beta program and may be removed if it is abused.

The feed is an aggregate of many but not all of our sources. The feed includes our main 99 categories but does not include IRC monitoring or Social Media monitoring since it would be literally gigabytes of data daily. This RSS feed provides a link to all OSINT/OPEN SOURCE feeds that we are monitoring and is subject to change without notice.

The reason we are providing the feed is so you can research your own issues without having to call our security team directly. We will no longer take direct calls or inquiries from individuals and other researchers.

The feed will only provide access to the last 500 artifacts collected. If an update poll pulls in more than 500 items you will not have access to the full feed (to conserve bandwidth and storage).

If we see people abusing the feed we may pull access without notice at any time.

Due to abuse within the first 15 minutes of the system going live we pulling access. Apparently this feed is popular today! 10000+ hits in 10 minutes... 

Update at 7:48PM EST: So we have talked about how we can provide this information all day and we have decided that we will allow the outgoing feed to update several times per day. We will however have to do it manually because if we do it any other way or actually allow calls into our system things come to a screeching halt as our system was not setup to provide access to anybody except our security staff.

As of this post we have enabled the RSS feed. The only downside is that we are delaying the feeds up to 1 hour in an attempt to ensure that our customers get notified first.

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