Wednesday, October 29, 2014

SLC Security Auditing Framework Community Edition

SLC Security Services LLC announced today that we will be releasing our auditing framework as freeware. The free version of the software will only audit systems and will not include any of the lockdown capabilities of the software. The lockdown framework can be used to check computer policies and several community supported templates will be included in the free edition.

We anticipate making the free version of the software available sometime in the next week. All that we ask is that you let us know if you find any issues with the templates or the program itself. We are releasing version 2 community edition and will continue to release the software 1 version behind our production software. The production software has additional functionality such as:

  • Lockdown - The ability to apply a template to a system
  • Reports - Ability to run scheduled reports
  • Auditing Documentation - Ability to deviate from a lockdown policy and documentation for auditors - A requirement if you do not meet the audit policies
  • History Tracking - Prompts for information when an item changes - Like after a patch may change a setting
  • Unlimited Use - The community edition will only audit the local machine. The community edition when run as an Administrator can audit remote systems
  • Linux Support - Not available in the community edition
We decided that it would be good for potential customers to have a way to prepare for audits easily and to have reports for their systems.

The community edition does not require any authentication or Internet access to run. The software may also be run from a thumb drive.

Users can email templates they wish to share to for inclusion in the commercial product. If your template is included in a future release we will give you a licensed copy of the software for your personal or professional use.

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