Tuesday, October 14, 2014

BREACH: Cone Health Greensboro, NC (www.conehealth.com) - UPDATED 10:11PM EST 14 Oct 2014

This news article makes their issue look small but I can tell you they have additional issues they need to address.

NOTE: We have notified Cone Health and are awaiting a reply. 


Type: PHI 
Area: Medical
First Noted: 9 Oct 2014
Total Records: 3561+ (There are additional items that need follow up)
Status: Not Monitoring for Follow Up (Not a client of SLC Security Services LLC)

2:49PM EST:
We received this automated response so far.
Thank you for your comment.  We will review it and provide a response as soon as possible.

3:08PM EST
We notified the media contact at Cone Health.

Our research indicates they have had disclosure issues far longer and larger than this recent disclosure.

14 Oct 2014:
9:30PM EST
Received follow up.

15 Oct 2014:
Left an additional voicemail for the compliance officer and to date have not received a response. Closing out the ticket as apparently they are not interested in resolving this issue.

16 Oct 2014:
Receiving media inquiries into this breach. Out of respect for those affected we have declined any interviews at this time to give Cone Health an opportunity to close their security related issues.

Closed our ticket due to non response.

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