Wednesday, October 8, 2014

SUBMISSION: Submission received confirming low level breaches

Our analyst tonight are looking through some submissions we received today concerning some recent activity that we were trying to validate. These dumps appear to be similar to ones released months earlier on pastebin and appear to be from proxy server logs. We are not sure of the origin of the files. The documents contain what appears to be account information from web and ftp server logs (gathered through a proxy we presume).

Number of Records in Dump: 1002916

It will not be possible for us to go through this post and notify all of the individuals affected. No additional information will be released at this time. It appears as though the original source of the document is no longer accessible at this time. Many of the items in this list were also seen on earlier disclosures made through other security entities so we are adding the post as a reference.

We are in the process of reviewing for unique accounts not previously disclosed and we will do our best to notify those individuals or companies that may be affected.

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