Friday, October 24, 2014

NEWS: Hackers Threatening Judge in Silk Road Case

We are getting reports and mainstream news has started reporting that hackers are targeting judge Katherine Forest whom is set to oversea the trial of Silk Road's alleged founder Ross Ulbricht's trial. Several blog postings on darknet have already released personal information on Mrs. Forest including her address, picture and social security number. Hackers are upset that the trial is taking place and several groups have promised additional releases of information of Mrs. Forest friends and family.

It's appears as though Federal authorities are investigating the threats to determine the validity of the post. Hackers appear to be upset at the Government's claims of how they were able to identify Mr. Ulbricht and bring charges as many of the reports and news media reports indicated that the Government itself may have used underhanded techniques to determine the owner of the server of the Silk Road underground marketplace. The site was frequently used to sell illegal items such as drugs and stolen information.

Even if they can prove that Mr. Ulbricht was in fact operating the site that still creates some legal challenges as methods used to determine his identity may be heavily questions in court but it appears as though all the defense arguments brought to date have largely been ignored by the judge and that appears to be why she is personally being targeted. 

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