Monday, October 27, 2014

Malware Hit List - It's coming this week - Updated

This week Vulnerable Disclosures will be releasing a list of companies, individuals and firms affected by hard to detect malware including new variants of Zeus and Backoff. The list has been generated through indicators, IDS and IPS reports, reports from customers and clients and through analysis of C+C servers. The list will be fairly extensive.

Just because a company appears on the list does not mean that they are still infected just that at some point the malware was present on systems originating from networks controlled by those organizations. The list will be extensive.

Whois information as we know is not 100% accurate so please take that into account as well. We are reporting only what we are seeing in our system and some information may not be correct if Whois records are not up to date or accurate.

Update: We have  been asked to give the time frame of the analysis. The results that will be posted will contain data from 1 Aug through 25 Oct, 2014. So roughly a 3 month period.

We will be listing the top 100 based on number of unique IP addresses or confirmed connections from a particular network. 

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