Saturday, October 18, 2014

NEWS: Facebook Can Tell You If Your Passwords Have Been Stolen Without Knowing What They Are

Note: It is interesting that Facebook is taking the same route that we are when it comes to notifying individuals of issues. We are working on solutions to be able to notify people when their information becomes public or is disclosed. Hopefully they give us some good ideas that we can incorporate in doing so.

Facebook believes you shouldn't have to worry about hacked web passwords.
It's there to protect you, it says.

After the news that hackers obtained 7 million Dropbox passwords by hacking a third-party service that works with Dropbox, Facebook says it has a plan to alert you if your password gets stolen.

Security engineer Chris Long says Facebook has been crawling around websites where hackers sell and expose passwords. Since most people use the same username/password combination for multiple websites, Facebook checks if any of the hacked passwords are used for Facebook accounts.

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