Tuesday, October 21, 2014

BREACH: POINT360 Hacked (point360.com)

We received information and have logs tonight confirming that POINT360.COM has been hacked. The company located at 2701 Media Center Dr. Los Angeles, CA 90065 has a server that is attacking other companies and appears to be under the control of an external third party. A notification was sent out from our SOC this evening and it appears as though the companies mail server is actively attacking our clients. The system is also showing up on our threat list and is also showing up in other reports.

We have updated our client rules on our IDS/IPS devices to show activity from this system.

Type: Internet
Area: Marketing
First Noted: 21 October 2014 1:25AM EST
Location: California
Total Records: NA

Status: Not Monitoring for Follow Up (Not a client of SLC Security Services LLC)

Additional Information: 

The server appears to be brute forcing accounts at other companies now as of 1:30AM EST.  
Responsible party notified of issue 1:39AM EST.  

There were a total of 2 systems carrying out these attacks. 

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