Friday, October 10, 2014

NEWS: Hackers claim to have acquired Snapchat photos - UPDATED

The troubling part of this is that many younger kids use Snapchat religiously...

Snapchat says its own servers have not been breached and any compromise was due to third party services.
Hackers claim to have acquired a database containing hundreds of thousands of photos that were sent using the popular photo and video sharing service Snapchat, and are threatening to release them on the internet.


Business Insider has reported that users of 4chan, the forum which recently published nude photos of celebrities that were obtained through hacking, say they have the file and are currently compiling the pictures into a database searchable by Snapchat username.

Original Sources:

We don't know why in the world anybody would host this on HostGator but it appears as though the hosting provider has removed the site. The hackers will just upload the content to TOR and be done with it.

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