Tuesday, September 20, 2016

We Told You So!

I just read a post on databreaches.net that talks about the issues at WakeMed. Remember this is not the first time they have popped up on this blog. We contacted them and received no response. If they were smart they would talk to us because we provided other information and to date they have done nothing about it.

The response I received was that they didn't care because it was end users accounts that were affected. Just goes to show that all of this could have been prevented but their response to us was not what we would have expected.


Previous Warnings:

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

DNC Hacked Over a Year Ago

What they are not telling you in the news is that the DNC was hacked at least as early as December 2015. Looking back through our data we noted the DNC FTP server information was publicly known and was obtained through the PONY malware attacks that dominated part of 2015.

During forensics of a server in December of 2015 we noted that there were political information in the data set but did not really see the significance until recently when reviewing the forensics information.