Thursday, October 16, 2014

HIPAA Has No Teeth - Here's what we are going to start doing

Starting today we will start mailing out notifications directly to the affected person's when we don't get a response from the organization we report. It's not fair that companies can choose to ignore issues that they know exist and it's really not fair that they take the stance that if they are not aware of the issue that they can just ignore it while consumers are sitting by hoping nothing happens to their identities or their bank accounts.

It seems that organizations feel as though it's alright to violate the consumers trust. Out of 29 organizations that we have contacted only 3 have actually taken steps to remedy the problems that we have identified. We started thinking like the consumer and the one thing that kept coming back to us is if it was our data we would want to know what was released, how it was released and if the company responded when we notified them of the problem.

Starting today we will be sending out notices to persons that can be identified and located. If companies fail to respond I'm pretty sure they will fail to respond to request by the consumers that are affected also because it's easier to ignore the problem than to fix the problem.

After all if it was your private information being leaked wouldn't you want to know?

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