Monday, October 6, 2014

Looks like LNO is setting up proxies and performing MITM?

We have no idea who LNO is but we are seeing LNO reference all over the place this week:

Our system has been hitting on keywords today that we setup yesterday. It seems that many of these leaks are formatted similar. We are not monitoring them but we keep seeing references to specific individuals being posted.

Here is what we know:
1. Several of these actors are utilizing open proxies to obtain confidential information of subjects
2. Subjects are being monitored over an extended timeframe
3. Updated post and historical post are showing up. It looks to us like the information in some of these recent leaks was going on for over 2 years
4. This same information is showing up on DarkNet sites in the same format
5. The information is being given away and the actors are not charging for it as it's posted to several DarkNet forums

IRC: #revengeismine

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