Sunday, October 5, 2014

DISCLOSURE: Vulnerable Disclosures obtains information on 10 banks breached - UPDATED

Russian hackers have posted information on 10 US banks that have been breached in the past week and a half and are threatening to post additional information. Vulnerable Disclosures volunteers have been monitoring the intrusions via our OSINT-X platform and have seen a large uptick in the amount of information being disclosed.

Some of the larger media outlets are choosing not to disclose the breach out of security risk. The banks affected include the following:

  • JP Morgan Chase - CONFIRMED
  • First Data - CONFIRMED
  • Suntrust Mortgae - UNCONFIRMED
  • Several Credit Unions in the US and Canada - 1 CONFIRMED SEE BELOW
We believe additional information will be forthcoming on line item 4. 
We are monitoring the situation for additional disclosures and will update the thread when we know more.

Additional Update Related (Information from
More on the case noted earlier today on this blog, from
The directors of a private detective agency have been fined more than €10,000 for using “subterfuge” to illegally obtain the addresses of credit union clients in arrears.

Additional PUBLIC References:

NOTE: Originally it was thought that the information being posted to IRC channels was coming from only US and Canadian Credit Unions based on conversations but after seeing some of the information being updated it appears as though UK may have also been affected. We are still monitoring for updates. If and when the bulk dump occurs we will know more detail.

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