Wednesday, November 26, 2014

SLC Staff are in the SOC... Monitoring the situation! ELEVATED PROTECTION LEVEL

Members of the security team at SLC Security are in the SOC.

ALERT: Violent agitators, shots fired, looting, bricks & rocks being thrown at police in multiple locations. Multiple fires. Law Enforcement helicopters monitoring from the air. 

11:08PM EST: McDonalds and Walgreens both confirmed on fire.

11:09PM EST: 2 Vehicles, one passenger is shot

11:10PM EST: Beauty Salon and Strip Mall on fire

11:11PM EST: Additional Confirmed Fire Wallgreens

11:11PM EST: Confirmed live ammunition being deployed by demonstrators

11:12PM EST: Confirmed they are not blocking any media coverage, allowing media to go where they feel safe.

11:13PM EST: ToysRUs confirmed attacked by protesters

11:14PM EST: Highways being blocked to prevent additional people from joining the protest

11:15PM EST: Additional calls for help. Police advising they can only cover critical issues at this time. A business calls for additional assistance. Command post unsure of the name of the business.

11:16PM EST: Curves and Kathy's Kitchen confirmed looted.

11:17PM EST: Request for additional air units to ToysRUs.

11:18PM EST: I-44 shutdown due to protesters in roadway.

11:19PM EST: Sonic restaurant requesting assistance.

11:20PM EST: 1531 Lafayette check-in

11:22PM EST: Press starts releasing injury photos from Officer Wilson. Clearly visible swelling.

11:23PM EST: Second Building fire being reported.  Occupants on the roof of the building.

11:25PM EST: Third Building fire reported.

11:26PM EST: Police reporting to storage building and Sonic locations.

11:27PM EST: Anonymous claims to have taken down Cleveland Ohio Police website after 12 year old shot by police. The 12 year old was shot because he drew a black toy gun from waistband as police arrived.

11:28PM EST: Continued peaceful protest being reported from New York City. 

11:30PM EST: Storage building fire being reported. Fire Department attempting to respond.

11:33PM EST: Little Caesar's reported as a total loss.

11:34PM EST: Trooper 987 non responsive to radio request for location.

11:35PM EST: National Guard checks in.

11:36PM EST: 220 reports they are under heavy gunfire.

11:38PM EST: Shots reported. Shots at Fire Department personnel. Fire Department pulls out so safe location.

11:39PM EST: Armed subjects behind Red's BBQ reported.

11:40PM EST: Still looking for Trooper 987. No response from Trooper. Ask Trooper to report in to a TOC and report status.

11:41PM EST: Fox 2 sends in security personnel to recover 2 reporters in trouble.

11:42PM EST: Still looking for Trooper 987's last known location. Stated that he was at the fire department.

11:46PM EST: O'Reilly's store being looted.

11:54PM EST: Additional backup being requested at Police Station

11:55PM EST: Dollar General officer requesting 1 in custody.

11:57PM EST: 200 subjects reported to be looting businesses in (unintelligible)

11:58PM EST: Emerson Complex people climbing walls

12:01AM EST: 200+ at Shop and Save looting

12:01AM EST: 60+70 personnel (reported armed) setting fires at Reds BBQ

12:02AM EST: Gunfire being reported by CNN but may be canisters exploding in Beauty Supply Shop

12:03AM EST: 110 Church St Ferguson City Hall subjects attempting to break into the building.

12:09AM EST: Over 100 cars reported at ToysRUS. Police told to leave as it is not safe.

12:11AM EST: Air units asked to report on police cars at ToysRUS. Air unit reports no police cars visible. They are requesting air unit keep looking.

12:13AM EST: Trooper 987 located and is safe.

12:21AM EST: Advance Auto Parts being looted at this time. Gunshots being reported.

12:21AM EST: Smoke coming from Beauty Supply place near the PD.

12:23AM EST: Country Club activity noted.

12:23AM EST: Ambulance requested at ToysRUS.

12:26AM EST: Ambulance refuses to respond to ToysRUS until secured.

12:30AM EST: Sam's Meat Market on fire.

12:33AM EST: Black truck with subject in back of the truck bed firing rounds. No additional information. Police are looking for the vehicle.

Suspending reporting at this time. Only major updates will be noted in this post.

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