Friday, November 14, 2014

BOTNET Wall of Shame - This will be an ongoing feature of the blog

The following host were detected during our last review. These are the results out of the first 100 in the list. There are over 7600 in the full list. We will put these out there as we have time to review.

Of interest here is activity coming from DoD Network Information Center and DFN Systems. Most of the other records are the ISP and not the organization but we will post the raw information as our honeypot sensors pick up the traffic. 

11-14-2014,,Munich Reinsurance America, Inc.
11-14-2014,,Transwave Communications Systems, Inc. 
11-14-2014,,Advanced Internet Technologies, Inc.
11-14-2014,,Digital Ocean, Inc.
11-14-2014,,PSINet, Inc.
11-14-2014,,Verizon Online LLC
11-14-2014,,eSited Solutions
11-14-2014,,DoD Network Information Center
11-14-2014,,QuadraNet, Inc
11-14-2014,,Nobis Technology Group, LLC
11-14-2014,,Verizon Online LLC
11-14-2014,,DFN Systems
11-14-2014,,Amanah Tech Inc.
11-14-2014,,eNET Inc.
11-14-2014,,Amazon Technologies Inc.
11-14-2014,,, LLC
11-14-2014,,Psychz Networks

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