Thursday, November 6, 2014

Quotes and Comments - Your news our way

NSA Director Says Agency Shares Vast Majority of Bugs it Finds: Yeah they share them 10 years after they find them and exploit them. They share them AFTER they use them to steal your data!

Users can't tell Facebook from a scam: Isn't Facebook itself a scam?

Security for the Cloud and on the Cloud: Who the hell are you kidding. Cloud by design is insecure. It's the data you have to secure not the damn cloud you idiots!

Be Ready: Next Internet Bug Won’t Be The Last: Well that's an intelligent headline. Tell us something we don't already know!

IBM Rolls Out Hybrid Cloud Security: Well that will go the way of OS2Warp for sure. Those guys couldn't sell water in a desert. It's all good just make sure you wear a white shirt and a black tie!

Well that's all for today. Now back to the analytics that will be running for the next 18 hours... Have a great day everybody! - Raptor

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