Thursday, November 20, 2014

EMAIL ISSUES: Texas A&M University-Kingsville

For the past few weeks, a phishing e-mail has had success in catching people’s information, causing it to circulate further throughout the school, said Bob Paulson, chief information officer of iTech.

“Other systems start rejecting our e-mail because they think it’s bad,” Paulson said. “What ends up happening is that when someone tries to send a message, it might get rejected, and you may never know if it sent, depending on the system (that rejected it).”

It’s only been a faculty-side issue so far. Although there are no reports of a student e-mail being compromised, that doesn’t mean it couldn’t happen, Paulson said.

“If the student replied to a phishing e-mail, if they gave their information away, then the same thing could happen to them. I have not heard of that yet, but there’s no reason it couldn’t happen,” Paulson said.

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