Thursday, November 6, 2014

Quotes and Comments - Your news our way

Protecting the Perimeter From the Cloud - Why not fight fire with fire?

Why Ebola Makes HIPAA Training Urgent - We thought HIPAA training was a requirement to protect your organization. It should have been and should remain urgent. 

Hackers and how to protect yourself from them - Unplug, move to Montana and get yourself a tin foil hat!

4 Ways to Avoid Malicious Links on Social Media - Actually your wrong sir. The 1 way to stop malicious links on social media is to stop using social media. Who knew?

Can anti-hacker insurance cut cybercrime? - Can car insurance stop vehicle accidents? Didn't think so!

Are remote workers a security risk to company data? - Every worker is a security risk to company data. How many audits and investigations have you all completed lately?

Chinese hackers targeting Apple devices - Well that makes sense they built the damn things

Apple malware targeted at Chinese users lets hackers 'crack the hard shell of iPhone security' - Hell all they had to do was drop it on concrete. They are easy to crack!

That's all for today folks! Happy Friday to you all. Have a great weekend!

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