Sunday, November 30, 2014

62% of Medical Websites Vulnerable and could be hacked

A recent review of data from some recent botnet activity indicates that as many as 62% of known Medical or Medically related websites could be hacked by hackers. This is troubling and many of the vulnerabilities are common and widely used by botnets. The ONLY thing keeping information on these systems safe is that medical records are not being stored on the same servers as web related services. If there are trust relationships between these web servers and the systems that house those records hackers could already be snooping.

What's even worse is that many of these companies that provide medical hosting have poor to dismal records of protecting data and poor website reputations. Host on Amazon and you will be a target. AWS (Amazon Web Hosting) is known to be lax in the security realm. Thousands of attacks annually are traced back to Amazon and they do little to nothing to prevent customers from attacking others. In their complacency they are almost as guilty as the hackers themselves. New Dream Networks is another large offender as are Host Gator (although Host Gator is getting better at catching malicious activity than in the past). Most web providers fail to prevent abuse and only do something after multiple notices, why not protect customers before the malicious activity even starts? Please comment and tell us. We are perplexed here.

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