Thursday, November 27, 2014

CRITICAL ALERT: Hackers are just waiting on Cyber Monday...

SLC Security Services LLC is providing this alert in regards to the upcoming "Cyber Monday". We are seeing indicators that hackers are preparing for a large infiltration of websites and are poised to scarf up your personal details at some major retailers on Monday.

With the release of some pretty hard to detect code on Thursday and indications that over 500+ sites have been attacked we really want to get the word out that the number of retail intrusions this upcoming Monday is expected to be extremely destructive to retailers.

Be on the lookout for inbox viruses. That's the biggest tip we can give you. 

UPDATE: After much research we have noted a very large uptick in the number of messages being sent out of Romania. We have tracked over 25 different phishing campaigns to sites such as Amazon and other retailers such as NoMoreRack. Be vigilant folks. Every single one of these messages we have seen have been to phishing sites and a few have had APT installers embedded in Java and some other nastiness.

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