Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Many companies infected and they don't even realize it

SLC Security Services has been performing analysis of malware infections as detected by Internet honeypots, threat data (From other vendors) and our own honeypot infrastructure. What has come to light is pretty incredible.

Upon importing the logs from these sources and pivoting off of known malware MD5 hashes, Domain and IP Information and Whois we discovered that many of the top 500 companies are infected with Malware and do not even know it.

We have seen infections at major defense contractors, utilities, Government, Schools and home users networks. Many times the organizations are not even aware that they have been compromised.

We have thought about releasing the information but what good would it do? These companies ignore notifications because if they don't know about it they feel that they can claim ignorance. Some of these same entities are ones that we have reported on previously.

We can tell you this. There are 41 hospitals, 5 government sites, 95 us corporations, 17 banks and 34 retailers in the list and about 1250 users (give or take 50).

Fun fun fun!!!

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