Friday, January 9, 2015

UPDATED: SA - Terrorist Security Alert France


A gun assault on the Paris offices of satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo Wednesday was the deadliest terrorist attack in France's recent history. Some other terror attacks in Western Europe:

National Security: Heightened Alert Status but No Changes to Security Posture at Embassies
Homeland Security: Actively Assisting
Corporate Security: No Impact

ISIS Video Released over the past few days possible trigger for attack

Noted Alerts to France prior to attack after first incident earlier in the week

A previous attack in Tours, France Bertrand Nzohabonayo, had used an ISIS propaganda image as his Facebook profile picture.

The very next day, a driver, also shouting “Allahu Akbar,” slammed into a crowd of 13 pedestrians in Dijon, injuring 11. Police say the former psychiatric patient, who was most likely drunk, will probably face terrorism charges.

This Monday, a second driver, with a similar history of mental illness, drove his car into 10 people in holiday market in Nantes, killing one. Both police and eyewitnesses say the suspect appeared “unbalanced” after the attack while repeatedly stabbed himself and muttered things about protecting children in Chechnya and working to free the people of Palestine.

Finally, that same evening, a bullet smashed through a window at Paris synagogue. No one was injured.

What no one has reported, however, is that only hours before the first attack in this timeline, ISIS released a new video calling for all Muslims in France unable to immigrate and join its campaigns in Syria and Iraq to pick up arms and attack local citizens, “where they stand and in their homes.”

12 Confirmed Dead with 8 Injured (critical injuries).

Previous news indicating France has disrupted a terrorist plot have been removed but are still available for review in OSINT-X.

Total Records Associated in OSINT-X: 366 Confirmed, 19 Pending, 3 Alerts

Lots of police activity in French Villages
Shots fired at Mosque
Percussion Grenades deployed at Mosque
Police Woman killed in France
French tells U.S. suspect trained with Al Qaeda
Suspects confirmed on US Watch List
Magazine states they will publish 1 million copies of next issue
U.S. and French cooperating with intelligence details
Private Company data being tapped to assist in the investigation

Search Helicopter spots the 2 suspects in the terror attack.
Terrorist still wearing black clothing when spotted from the air. 
Weather turns bad for search. The search continues on the ground and the air.
Hostages taken at printing company and supermarket in France, 4 suspects, unknown hostages
Blast, Gunshots at both France hostage sites
Woman and Man associated with Policewoman shooting earlier in the week, hostages at supermarket
2 Brothers, killed at site of hostage taking - Confirmed by Mayor
3 Terrorist Killed, Female Terrorist being pursued at this time
FBI issues alert in US on possible terrorist attacks

Analyst have downgraded this alert. 

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