Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Hey Security Personnel - There's more to wireless than 802.11

I am amazed at how many of these breaches and attacks are taking place over WIFI and even more surprised at how many are taking place over other wireless services such as bluetooth, personal devices such as tablets and cell phones and other attacks to include paging, microwave P2P links, etc.

During root cause analysis of several attacks this week we have noted that the attack vector ended up not being the network or workstation. The attack vector recently has been through a variety of wireless hacks yet of the 122 entities we polled this week only 5 have a program in place to actively check for attacks via wireless, only 1 had a TSCM plan in place for the corporation. This is ALARMING!

I can't for the life of me believe that you can rest assured at night knowing that hackers can hack your cameras, security systems, cell phones, etc, etc.

I issue this challenge to ANY company. Call us for an audit. If we don't break in you don't pay. If we compromise your network you pay our normal consulting rate. We are trying to help you but if you don't want the help you can rest assured that hackers will penetrate your defenses. Just not the way you were expecting them to get in.

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