Tuesday, January 13, 2015

News Indicator Feeds, Service Plans and Security Appliance Package

SLC Security Services LLC has expanded our SOC offerings. We are offering 2 levels of service with our Intel feeds. The first is our bring your own hardware (firewall, IDS, etc). If your device can pull in a CSV feed. XML feed or STIX format feed you can subscribe to hourly updates for your own devices. We are offering a security feed site license and access to our Intelligence product all for a flat fee. Pricing starts at $99.00 per site per year and depends on the amount of traffic your site will be generating.

Our second offering is our Security Gateway Appliance. The Gateway appliance is suitable for small to medium enterprises and provides a firewall, IDS/IPS as well as our Intelligence gateway in which you can keep track of things such as reputation, external threats, news and other information without exposing your network to bad content hosted on third party web servers. Pricing starts at $1995 if you use your own hardware or $2995 for a 1U security device. If your an ISP find out how you can get the system without charge.

For more information visit http://www.slcsecurity.com/ or call us at (919)441-7353.

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