Thursday, January 8, 2015

UPDATED WITH REFERENCES: Black Boxes being heavily utilized in ATM fraud attacks

We have several confirmed reports of recent arrest and the increase in the use of black box ATM machine hacks. There have been confirmed reports out of Russia and in the recent case of Thomas Gilbert (according to MSNBC). Many police departments are operating on memorandum that shows pictures of what the devices look like and some reports are coming in to Investigators that these devices are increasingly showing up as a result of criminal search warrants often times for unrelated issues.

It is believed that the same group responsible for the Home Depot breaches may in fact be related to the increase in the number of these devices being discovered.

In the photo above you can clearly see the serial interface utilized to conduct this attack.

Additional information will be released to members of our OSINT-X service. 


Related and Updated Information:

Cash machines pay out after USB module gets a call from a Galaxy S4 (Originally Reported by Krebs)

Location: UK
Carders have jackpotted an ATM by inserting a circuit board into the USB ports of an ATM, tricking it into spitting out cash.

The technique was thought to have emulated the cash dispenser of the ATM so the brains of the machine thought everything was normal, buying additional time for the brazen crooks to make off with the cash.

Additional reference material (Pic Above)

Additional Details and Reports:

NCR puts out notice to customers alerting them to be vigilant with this issue 1/6/2015 - This appears to be what alerted Krebs to the issue that he initially reported on

NCR reports black boxing being heavily utilized by criminals in Mexico 1/8/2015

SLC Security obtains independent report of organized criminal activity related in UK, Mexico and Canada via our clients and financial service partners of issues related to black boxing 1/8/2015

SLC Security noted Twitter activity of bragging of successful attacks 1/8/2015 - It is believed that plans and code are being sold to build boxing devices.

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