Thursday, January 22, 2015

Drones Being Used to Smuggle Drugs Over the Border

It goes without saying that Drones provide a unique way to take photographs, explore hard to reach areas and in this case to smuggle drugs across the US/Mexico border. Border Patrol has indicated that they are seeing increased instances of the use of drones to carry packages of drugs from Mexico into the US. There have been 3 separate news articles in the past week on the topic as well as some discussion in Government circles on how to combat the problem.

Drones have been used to smuggle phones, tobacco, drugs and weapons into prison courtyards in the past and are frequently used to carry out wireless attacks by moving devices into target areas for interception purposes.

The FAA has begun issuing licenses to licensed pilots to be allowed to operate drones for hire (highly restricted). It is thought that the rules on drone use will be relaxed at some point in 2015.

We are following this topic with interest.

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