Tuesday, January 20, 2015

ALERT: Barclay Card Service Phishing and Possible Customer Accounts Compromised

We are researching this information currently and are in the process of putting out a bulletin from our SOC. It is thought that the uptick in "targetted" Phishing attacks over the last 12 hours may be related to a compromise of account information at Barclay Card Services.

We will be putting out a bulletin later this evening. Please ensure that if you receive messages from Barclays that you actually verify the information in the email and that it goes back to an actual Barclays domain and not a third party.

Related Compromised Host:
NTT America Inc
GWTC - Golden West Telecommunications (more than likely a compromised customer)
Time Warner Cable South (more than likely a compromised customer)
KRM Information Services
Dwyer Products (a customer of Comcast Business Communications)

List of Compromised Host:

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