Monday, February 9, 2015


Hard to Tackle Malware being used in University Breaches:
Many security professionals including our company have been warning Universities to activity that indicate a large scale problem on their networks. Many of the Universities have chosen to ignore the issue. Earlier today at one of our client sites we saw for the first time a malware that was running completely in memory and that is not detected by any of the major anti-virus products. The malware is currently being studied but it appears to be related to earlier reports of activity that we have been picking up on our sensors. We believe that the malware probably will be used to perform farther damage in the future. We have submitted the memory dump to several anti-virus vendors and are awaiting additional details.

Company's Doing one of Two Things:
Either companies that we are notifying are acknowledging issues or they are quietly cleaning their issues. We noted several of the Universities originally on our University post that have since dropped off our sensors so that's good in that they are no longer infected. The bad part is that they may not know what information has been stolen or damaged on their respective networks. So companies or entities are either acknowledging they are in over their heads or covering it up completely.

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