Wednesday, February 11, 2015



Starting on 1 March 2015 SLC Security Services LLC will be moving our public indicator feeds to a paid subscription model. What this means is that if you are currently using our Indicators of Compromise you will be required to obtain and maintain a subscription and eligibility. The subscription model will be allow organizations of any size to subscribe to the service at an affordable rate and allow our company to add analyst to improve the service. We have been providing these indicators free as a public service for 3 years this coming March so it's time to improve our service offerings.

Subscription Pricing:
There are 4 levels of pricing and each level will require your organization to maintain eligibility for whatever pricing tier you are obtaining service.

Tier 1 (Non Profit - Research Tier): Free IOC's for use by not for profit organizations, associates, Government and small business users. Will require registration and a one time verification as well as a service agreement.

Tier 2 (Small End User): A nominal charge in which you will receive our SLC Security Client application license for use on up to 5 individual workstations or servers.

Tier 3 (Business Restricted Users): Business users with more than 5 individuals will be charged per user for access to our advanced indicators, SLC Security Client application (for workstations and servers), email alert service and access to formatted feeds for Fireeye, Symantec, Crowdstrike, Palo Alto Firewalls, IP Tables, Snort as well as several other platforms.

Tier 4 (Enterprise Site License): This model is designed for large corporations and entities that want to deploy and protect an unlimited number of workstations. In addition to the Tier 3 service you will also be provided with plugins and the SLC Connect middleware to allow your internal machines to mirror our IOC data, threat bulletins, blog and RSS post. You will also be granted access to our OSINT-X research platform for full text documentation. We will also provide additional services based on your contract terms to include 1 annual audit with full reporting and 16 hours of on site training to cover topics of interest with your security staff.

We will be phasing in this paid service over the next few weeks so please pay attention to our media outlet(s) and look for the subscription information.

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