Wednesday, February 4, 2015

ATTACKER: The Preston Law Firm of Houston Texas

Hey guys you may want to check out your systems because we have been seeing attacks from you all day. As some of you know that fact that we report on breaches in advance of some people really causes them to get angry. Either this law firm is owned by hackers or they have hired hackers to try and infiltrate our infrastructure.

It started out as simple SMTP probes but we are starting to see web server probes. We hope you like playing with our honeypot systems because that's what your hitting folks.

Next time please try and do your homework before blatantly just attacking what you think is our infrastructure. Thanks and have a great day.

Maybe you didn't like us reporting on the Texas A&M activity or some other such nonsense but this is a free country, we have data to back up our claims so if you want to play this game please by all means let's do this...

I would love to be able to put out all of the information we have and then charge you for your resource usage today since it was so extensive and you achieved absolutely NOTHING!

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