Tuesday, February 10, 2015

NEWS ROUNDUP 2/10/2015

Twitter Request from the NSA top 1.9 Million Account Request
UPI posted a story today on the 190 million users on twitter stating that the NSA has requested the information on less than 1% of Twitter users. So that means they have received information on 1.9 million Twitter accounts. That's a little different than stating 1% huh?

Read the original article here. 

American hostage Mueller's death confirmed by Obama, family


US to unveil new Cyber Security Agency
The U.S. government is creating a cybersecurity agency that will monitor and share information about threats against the government and private businesses in the wake of high-profile cyberattacks at Sony Pictures, Anthem Inc. and several major retailers.

NCTC director who is now executive vice president at Leidos, a national security contractor.

CyberCaliphate at it again
The Twitter feeds of Newsweek and veterans' group Military Spouses of Strength were hacked Tuesday morning by a group identifying itself as CyberCaliphate, the same organization that was confirmed to have hacked the twitter account for U.S. Central Command earlier this year.

Anthem Breach Prompts New York To Conduct Cybersecurity Reviews
Meanwhile, Anthem victims are now being harassed by scammers trying to collect even more personal information.  

CFAA may stall cyber security research unless Government exempts security researchers
All of this at a time when we need to share information more than ever.

In the wake of news-making attacks on Sony Pictures, Home Depot and many others, the federal government is establishing a new information integration center to focus on cyber threats. The center will analyze intelligence contributed by several agencies, along with the private sector, a model that will face some serious hurdles.
The proposed Cyber Threat Intelligence Integration Center will fall under the Office of the Director of National Intelligence and it will not be responsible for actually gathering any threat intelligence. Rather, it will serve as an aggregation point for information collected by intelligence agencies and, the Obama administration hopes, private companies.

Please tell me on one hand you are looking to share information and the other hand you are increasing the penalties without excluding research and development? Doesn't make sense to our team.

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