Friday, September 12, 2014

See if your Gmail account has been exposed

There have been several recent disclosures of usernames and passwords from several attacks include Google's Gmail. You can check and see if your username and passwords were in the disclosed files by going to the following website:

We typically do not endorse other sites but this site is legitimate and provides a user friendly way to check. Keep in mind the website may log people checking to see if their accounts have been compromised.

Information from OSINT-X - A product of SLC Security Services LLC

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haveibeenpwned: New breach: Nearly 5M Gmail accounts exposed on a Russian Bitcoin forum. 17% were already in database - Via Twitter 
Google has denied that its computer systems were breached and downplayed the threat after hackers claimed to have leaked 4.9 million Gmail logins.

Hackers posted what they claimed were the email addresses, usernames and passwords of nearly five million Gmail customers, exposing them to identity theft.

The data was first posted on a Bitcoin security forum called by a hacker using the name of “tvskit”, who claimed that 60% of the entries were valid.

But Google said the data is probably a collection of credentials from different sources, and that only 2% of the credentials were correct and an even smaller proportion could be used to access accounts.

"Our automated anti-hijacking systems would have blocked many of those login attempts," the company's spam and abuse team said. - Via Team Cymru Security


From Google:
In the wake of a list of 5 million stolen Gmail usernames and passwords appearing on the Internet, Google says it has locked down all affected accounts. The search giant says that it's detected no breach of its systems that might have resulted in the credential dump and suggests the information came from other sources. 

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