Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Mission Statement and Launch of Services

First of all let me thank you for your interest in our vulnerable disclosures project. The purpose of this page is to provide awareness to individuals and organizations that are leaking information and the information of their customers. The entities listed on this site are verified to be leaking personal information sometimes without the company even being aware. We will include information on what type of information is being leaked but we will not release the methods in which the information is being leaked unless we are under non-disclosure agreements with the organization. The information posted on this site will contain scrubbed information if we release it to protect the information source and to ensure that the person or persons being affected are not farther harmed by the disclosure of their personal information.

The information on this site is provided by SLC Security Services LLC a leading cyber security and investigation company located in Raleigh, NC. If your company appears on this list and you would like additional information you may contact us by mail at 2664 Timber Dr Suite 342 Garner NC 27529 or by email via the contact form available at

Note: This site is being provided as a public service to the Internet community at large.

In addition to notifying you of potential problems we are available to assist you in resolving your security related events and to audit your security posture. In addition we post security related articles on this site to allow you to test your own security posture.

Businesses do not understand the aspects of securing their communications, network and personnel. By applying proven methodologies we are able to protect your company and minimize your disclosure risk. If your information is showing up on this site, your company already has a serious security issue that has been identified and documented. While you may not be able to get back the disclosed information you can protect yourself from future disclosures through the practical application of technology, training, controls and safeguards and we can help. Note: We only report the disclosures. We do not hack or act in an unethical manner. This page displays what is observed in the media or information picked up by our open source intelligence systems.

Removal from the Blog
We will remove your entry whenever we can confirm that your organization is no longer affected. Sending us a take-down request will NOT alter the information. If the medium that is hosting this would for some reason deem this site a problem and take it down we would start publishing this information on our corporate site or find another hosting provider. The only way to get your information removed is to disclose your breach or if we can confirm you are not longer vulnerable.

Please keep in mind that we are a security research firm and we are providing this service as a public service to the Internet community at large. We do not maintain any specific information concerning the information in these reports. When hired to perform a security vulnerability assessment of your organization we do not disclose findings to any third parties or post information from those results to this site unless requested by the organization that hired us to do the assessment. 

Contact Information:
SLC Security Services LLC
2664 Timber Dr Suite 342
Garner NC 27529 

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