Friday, September 12, 2014

BREACH: Russian Email Giants Yandex and Mail.Ru Bleed Passwords, Deny Hacking

Russia's largest email services, Yandex and Mail.Ru, were both hit with password leaks recently, resulting in millions of passwords published openly online and heated discussions in Russian web communities. The companies claimed the passwords were obtained through phishing scams on the users’ end rather than hacking attacks on their servers.

Yandex was the first to fall, when, a popular tech and internet news forum, first published news of the password leak. User lagudal said he discovered the file with 1.2 million Yandex email logins and passwords on the Infosliv forum, a traditional leak dump space. Some of the other users investigated the file and found their Yandex account information there, proving the database was at least in part real.

Such a massive password dump inevitably caused a commotion in the RuNet and invited witticisms based on Yandex's search engine slogan, “Найдётся всё” (Anything can be found).

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