Thursday, September 25, 2014

DISCLOSURE: Hertford County NC (

Some taxpayers may be at risk in Hertford County, after a list containing confidential information on the Hertford County Website was compromised.

The following statement is from the Hertford County Commissioners on a recent security breach:

The posting of a list of delinquent tax liens for tax years 2005 thru 2013 on the Hertford County Website has resulted in a breach of confidential information, i.e, social security numbers for a number of taxpayers. The county has reported this event to our insurance carrier, NCACC Risk Management Pool of which cyber coverage is designed for instances such as this. It is an ongoing investigation that was initiated on September 22nd, therefore at this point little is known as an absolute certainty of fact. The Risk Management Pool has the appropriate people ready to do what is necessary by law and they are in the process of being engaged. Hertford County has every intention of following the requirements set out in the law.

Type: PII
Area: Government
First Noted: 24 Sept 2014
Hertford County NC
Total Records: 10000+
Status: Not Monitoring for Follow Up (Not a client of SLC Security Services LLC)

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