Friday, August 21, 2015

Why did Ashley Madison lie about the data breach initially and who was responsible for the fake torrents that appeared?

So it's been nothing short of an interesting week for Ashley Madison and the information that has come out of the breach. Initially we reported that the data was incomplete but that was because the information we obtained was an earlier "purported" breach that had bad data in it. So the question then becomes where did that information come from? Also during this same time the Avid Life Media stated that full credit card data was not leaked.

Upon researching with one of our partner firms the public data shows only partial card numbers but the fact that the CEO's email was leaked in the 2nd wave of leaked data shows that the hacker(s) more than likely had access to everything or that it was an inside job.

Surprisingly some media has decided to share the information without redaction. We are not sure of the legal ramifications of doing so but it's very interesting to watch this play out. I would be willing to bet that a jilted spouse is either responsible for this activity or is actively supporting this activity.

What is interesting is that many attorneys are sure to be dancing with Joy at the influx of new cases heading their way and law firms responsible for protecting Ashley Madison will have jobs for the foreseeable future when the legal drums start beating.

We still wonder who is responsible for the previous data that was leaked as there are some crossover of data indicating that this may not have been the first time the company had been breached.

We are watching this as it unfolds...

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