Sunday, August 9, 2015

OMB Credit Monitoring Failure

It has come to our attention that many of the affected individuals have not been able to sign up for credit monitoring. As part of the CSID program that was setup after the OMB breach potentially thousands of former contractors and employees are not being covered or have not received a PIN number to register for credit monitoring. In addition the system is a best effort attempt to reach affected individuals.

Several of our staff members who are active duty and reserve, employees and contractors have not been notified even though the addresses last used on SF-86's are up to date.

This is troubling in that unless you are still contracting they seem to have forgotten or have failed to notify said individuals.

Some people that have never had clearances or have never even applied for a clearance have been notified and are also scratching their heads.

One individual that has held at least a secret clearance since 1992 through this year has not received a notification. The question then becomes how are they determining if your information was stolen or if you are affected. Based on the provided time frame put out by the media this individual should have been affected since not only did they hold a DOD clearance but were also a former Federal Employee as well as active duty military and subsequently an Active Ready Reservist during the times indicated by OMB.

It seems as though OMB has turned their backs on some people either in an attempt to save money or because they simply don't care. This looks all too familiar to how private industry has handled breaches and is quite alarming.

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