Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Large Telecommunications Company Appears to have been Breached

SLC Security researchers have located information indicating that a large telecommunications company servicing Government clients has had a database compromised. We are in the process of notifying the affected company and will wait our standard 7 days until we release the information that we have located.

Notifications Sent: 8-11-2015

After farther review it appears as though the information found may also impact a large Government contractor. Additional research is currently being performed but it appears as though the leaked information is confirmed based on OSINT research that was conducted earlier.

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8-12-2015: As of 8-12-2015 none of the notified entities have responded to our notification. We will wait 6 more days before posting the entities involved giving them time to perform remediation on any issues they may have discovered as part of this incident. 

8-19-2015: None of the notified entities have responded. SLC Security Services LLC has posted information concerning the release of proprietary information from Zayo concerning facilities in Northern Virginia. to our Threat Intelligence Platform. 

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