Tuesday, December 2, 2014

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There is no malware involved, so an antivirus program has nothing to detect, Mandia said. To confirm it has been attacked, a company must crack into its email server, review its logs and look for signs someone has connected to the server from an IP address outside the company. 

OK Call me stupid here but why the hell would you let an outside IP address connect to your mail server? I get it you mean allow a company to send email into your companies mail servers. Ha! We don't recommend that either... We are not giving away our trade secrets for protecting email for free I can tell you that!

Businesses need to implement two-factor authentication for email access, meaning employees would have to enter another code in addition to their username and password, he said.  

That's definitely a good start.

Hackers Leak Data Taken From Sony Pictures

Yep that's usually how this game works! I mean it's nice they are not charging for the Intel. People pay A LOT of money for business intelligence these days.

FireEye tattles on hackers. Investors love it.

Yeah but do their customers love it? I mean they are good about notifying you AFTER the attack!

Sorry but I can't do this any more today. None of this news is making much sense... Ugggghhhh

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