Thursday, December 11, 2014

Colleges Largely Already Owned by Hackers or Spreading Malware

During research on our analytic system this week he are noticing a bad trend concerning educational institutions. We started looking at colleges and conducted some analytic research that indicates that 52% of college and university networks currently have at least one host that is actively participating in bot or malware campaigns. What is troubling us lately is that many of the organizations we are seeing in our OSINT products have remained compromised or infected for very long periods of time.

We have scheduled an analytics job to run tonight that will look through our systems and match educational institutions to known indicators of compromise and we will be releasing the list of infected schools in the next several days once we have had a chance to analyze the results.

"These schools have students studying cyber security and forensics so it's concerning that they have not had their students take an inner look at their networks and secured these vulnerabilities".

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