Saturday, July 11, 2015

MISP Server Coming Online

With our ongoing integration of the "Jigsaw" IOC platform we wanted to let you know that we are in the process of standing up a production MISP instance. This will allow us the ability to share our threat intelligence directly with other Intelligence Providers (IP's) in the industry.

The decision to build a MISP server is a direct result of request from some clients that are already using the platform for generating their own custom threat intelligence. Below is a list of all of the methods for communicating with our Jigsaw platform.

  • CSV updates from our TIP server - Conventional Download
  • XML update from our TIP server - Conventional Download
  • Elasticsearch IOC Search Interface (Requires an API account)
  • MISP Instance (Coming online now)
  • JIGSAW-DC - A big data platform utilizing Hadoop and other BD technologies
In addition our IOC's are currently being provided by email to select customers from our Alertfeeds mailing list. For more information or a trial of any of our service please contact us. 

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