Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Following the News - Intelligence Agency's Lacking Actionable Data

It goes without saying that the number of terrorist events over the past 2 weeks is quite alarming and as of the last 2 months the activity worldwide has increased. The number of attacks outside of traditional unstable areas has risen as well as the Iran and Israel debacle has some intelligence analyst shaking their heads.

With the revelation that the pilot of the Germanwings crash was locked out of the cockpit, US terror attack of TSA agents and many other incidents not being covered in the mainstream media we have to take note. In addition a constant barrage of hacking from China's "PANDA" crew, Iran hashing deals with long reaching effects in the middle east and many areas of instability. Things are about to get interesting.

The recent revelation that the US is supporting Iranian fighters in the region with air strikes things lately have seemed to be turned on their heads. What's next? We can tell you that we have picked up additional activity with some well financed groups in the middle east, messages hidden in images (stenography) with cryptic messages from the middle east and plenty more items that just cause us to wonder what is really going on out there.

Keep your eyes and ears open folks. Things are changing quicker than intelligence agency's can keep up and private entities are also struggling to keep up with changing conditions to keep our travelers and employees safe.

There are many types of terror related activities to be aware of in addition to the theft of your corporate secrets and we will be expanding the scope of intelligence that we post in the coming weeks. No longer will we simply focus on data leaks (although we will continue to provide the information we have been providing). There comes a time when information needs to be put out there so that business leaders and enterprises can maintain situational awareness and security of personnel and assets. While there are many organizations out there that claim to provide these types of service and Government bulletins and advisories come out often time this information is released to the public well after the fact so our goal is to get you actionable intelligence before it's too late.

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